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    1. Camper, trust me it is not going to change anything for you! Only woman you are going to get is your mother! So suck on it!

    2. Geepee, How’s that Tattoo workin’ for ya? you sound bitter…

      btw, that’s Christina Applegate’s pic. Enjoy.

  1. 1.-That tat doesnt even look like britney spears
    2.-Nobody would be able to tell who the women is, if it wasnt for the words
    3.-Is gay having a Pop Star women if its not showing their breast
    4.-Is gay letting some one take a picture of you gay tatoo

  2. this guy gives the guy on his back ass to have something to look at in case they don’t have a book,his next tattoo will be of some hot bitch on the back of his head”when he Say’s no,Does that mean Yes?

  3. Now wouldn’t looking at a woman while you are banging a dude make your dick go limp? Wouldn’t it be better to have a tattoo of a hot dude to gaze on while you bang your lover? Just saying!

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