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    1. I would have a really hard time smashing some pussy in a room filled with the staring eyes of a million faggots.

    1. that the stupid heaven for her, she is so annoying she is my friend and im w8ting that stupid fever dissapear i want so see when she has to take off all that poster xzD

    1. when its your own mother sucking you off
      blow job = good
      mom = nightmare.
      its like NnnnooooooooOOOO dont stop

    1. I’m guessing she’d try and save her pictures by blocking the Molotov with her chest, or some body part that will suffer the most burns, then when she finds that the lit butt singed one of her “valuable” pictures, she’ll commit suicide.

    1. We’ll i’d imagine hell would be like room filled with justin bieber & KPOP photos, playing their ugly ass tunes all day.

  1. do you think she’d rape him if the opportunity came by, or just kidnap him?
    I can see it now. “it puts the lotion on the skin, or it get the nasty cl** again”

  2. OMG that’s freaking wrong… and i thought i was obsessed wit Freddie Mercury because i had 12 pictures in my wall and his action figure… damn XD

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