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    1. seriously, im trying to help you here. you need to come up with something a little better than your current shtick. you are looking very witless and pathetic. like a little kid with emotional problems getting the wrong kind of attention. so come up with something thats funny, and not simply stupid. best of luck on an original thought.

    2. Fake ass wannabe Weeg, get your own material.

      Stealing something someones used and made famous on Theync every day, for over 2 years now and bringing it here does not make you cool.

    3. He is a troll. All you are doing is feeding it. He is not going to stop. Since no one that runs this site even reads the comments, Terrance can keep posting like this forever with no consequences. If you want to get mad, you should be mad at the admins of this site because they do absolutely nothing to stop faggot trolls.

    4. Trolls – Case Study Nr.#6234(short passage)
      “here we can observe a lot of people biting from the troll catch. Myself included(because of the lack of previous experience). PS: Still.. I’m asking myself what if Terrance is the ower of this website :-?”

    5. Excellent question Terrance. I’m asking the same. Maybe her psychanalyst will visit this post and could answer to us. I think the better way to know it is to ask this question in every topic of this website. Are you in ?

    1. Yep, it’s like being the youngest… you are for a while, then your mother hores around and you end up in the middle…sigh…

  1. So what you’re saying is, Olivia is now available? You done stringing her along? Now I’ll have that mashed up bag of crazyhottness all to myself! Sweet!

    1. Trolls – Case Study Nr.#342(short passage)
      “..we can observe the troll doing his job here. Still no one bites till now(if we exclude the Case Study).”

  2. Sad thing is I met someone like that who replies the same way each time I try to break up…at least the sex is good, so I ain’t complaining.

  3. … It’s pretty obvious his multiple personalities have had enough of his shit.

    Oliva will replace herself with Becky. WATCH!!!!

    1. It’s what the phsyco from fatal attraction did.
      I suppose the joke isn’t good if you have to explain it.

    2. The reason the joke had to be explained is because most of the users on here are still in high school & wouldn’t have heard of the movie, let alone have watched it.

  4. Yet again, Facebook helped a fag being even more of a loser.Really, he could’ve cheated on both, or just made her a friend with benefits, or just NOT SIGNING IN to Fagbook and go out talking to real girls.

    What I said right now will be rendered invalid if Olivia outweighs an orca.

    1. And see the multiple shadows of his thumb on the paper? That proves it was taken in a studio and not on the moon.

    2. Maybe he’s taking a collection of all the psychos’ letters/messages he’s ever received and making a book out of it

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