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    1. You can’t butt-dial accidentally on an iphone, especially from a lock screen. Fake. Nice moan’s though, WTF is with the cartwheeling shit? I don’t understand, that girl is messed up. lol

    2. While your assessment of the iPhone is correct, it is still possible that the person that butt-dialed didn’t have an iPhone since we never saw the person at the other end of the call.

  1. HAhahahahahahaha nice butt dialing. this is no fail this was all WIN BABY. its always hilarious to hear someones sexy time get unknowingly broadcast via phone.

    1. Cuz only idiots still get it on like animals, the smart ones have learned to replicate through spores. ridding themselves the risk of a nagging bitch or being shot down for Uber fugliness.

    1. Izgleda da jeste brate !
      This was so epic, gratz to that guy, and the bangin’ girl, that keeps on banging :D.

  2. Win for the guy banging his girl! She sounds like a keeper. Win for us to hear the audio. Good call guys to video the call. Hopefully the guy with the girlfriend hung up and went for round two, I bet she was up for more!

  3. 5 years in prision for posting this you all are distgusting for doing this to that pour girl rember 5 years i put someone away for that shit, you kids are nasty show some class youjerk offs

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