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  1. The one in the floral red could be the odd one out, the one in the strips too. or the chunky short haired one. i like choices, but i choose the first one in the black.

  2. Omg, I love this, finally some real comments from head to toe… ok, for my comment, it’s the Lambda Ladies. C’mon…Daughters & then most likely the Mom. It’s a family picture & it’s not even a fail. lol It’s Life..haha. The mom on the end could of been alot worse.

  3. You all need to be a lot LESS judgmental. There’s nothing wrong with the picture. F*ck skinny models, they’ve twisted everybody’s views on what it means to be beautiful.

    1. LOL Ssong… She obviously needs to hit a gym and tone it up a bit dont you think chubby chaser? I know you roll munchers hardly give a f*uck…but do you really need all that cottage cheese?

    2. dont like skinny women you have to have some thing to bang if you have skinny girls you may as well bang the bed….lol
      i agree with Ssong

    3. SSong typical fat slob comment. Of course to you there is “nothing wrong” with the picture. Face it men like women not fat slobs, whales, cows, hippos. We want beatiful SKINNY trim women. Always will.

    4. Failboy: Shut up! You are just annoying. You don’t know what she looks like, and there is nothing wrong with this picture. I cannot think of any woman who would want to date you, don’t you dare say any of those names again, you are rude and ignorant. Nice, spelling of beautiful by the way, maybe you should think about buying a dictionary instead of focusing on skinny, trim women. Learn how to use a comma properly little boy. Face it, women like men who are not ignorant. Women also like men. Not boys, “Failboy.”
      Have a nice day 🙂

      sam jam:
      First of all you cannot assume she is overweight you idiot. Maybe you should tone up your body, I doubt it’s top of the charts. You are probably a lonely guy who wastes time insulting people based on weight, I highly doubt you have a 6 pac or nice biceps, you probably just have a flat stomach, just shut up. Normally when people use * they take out one or more of the letters in the word, and replace it with *. Maybe you should hit the books. Do you really need to be so rude? Let me answer that for you, no. 😛


  4. I agree with you Ssong. I didn’t see anything wrong with the picture in the first place. I had to look at the comments first. I think they’re all beautiful.

  5. Yeah… this is a horribly weak fail… not really valid. If you can’t do better than that, you fail at failing. OMG, BUT SHES NOT HOTTER THAN THE GIRLS I JACK IT TO ON DA INTERWEBZ!!11!!1!1 Fail poster is probably some 80lb weakling who couldn’t get ANY of the women in that pic.

  6. Gross nappy hair and the fail is that give it five years, they’ll all look like the mutant on the right. Also, the Fail is that she cannot discipline her body and work out a little bit and regulate her eating. FAT GROSS BITCHES

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