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    1. no the fail is actually that tthis emo kid is wearing a guns tshirt cause he thinks it makes him look badass and he probably never listened to a whole guns n roses album

    1. yah and im sure that u liked that keijzer..yah u liked that video of him sucking his moms new cock that actualy belongs to u lol

  1. 0 lines on face = gives men anal
    1 line on face = receives anal
    2 lines on face = gives and receives anal

  2. WOW apparent rocker dudes born in the 90’s that somehow got stuck in the 80’s. and if these “guys” (i use that loosely), get pussy then i think those “women”(that too) are either bi, gay, or just plain blind.

  3. This group is MGMT, your comments mean absolutely nothing to them. I’m sure they’re living their lives like they want to, and can’t stand petty people like you. So you can keep adding your little comments to make you guys feel better, or you know; stop wasting your time to go talk trash about someone else you will never amount to.

  4. Make fun of them all you want but back in the day (and I do realize it WAS BACK IN THE DAY) guys dressed like that and they got more kitty than any of you ‘masculine’ dudes on here will ever SEE in your lifetime. I’m just sayin…..

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