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  1. Hahaha, think those Russian guys, at the end said smth like,”okay lest help him now” . . . But after that they posted this fail ofc.

  2. “I didn’t want that (to happen). Let’s go help.” Was what the Russians filming the incident said AFTER the lady jacks her car up.

  3. I can’t even see what the hell they were trying to do?!! Parallel park?! Wtf… how can someone be such a bad driver? lol

    1. It is young girl. in Russia, every infant whore considers it his duty to go everywhere by car.

  4. та ебать , я и то даже лучше вожу , чем она !
    я пацталом !!!!!!!11111111111
    тот , кто это читает – лошпед =)

  5. What’s the point of this video? Frustratingly slow, with little fail. The people in the car laughing seem to be blocking in the bad driver, what’s funny about that….

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