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    1. Just for the record:
      my neighbor did something similar.
      He died three days later..
      This was no joke.

    1. Nah he lost his eyebrows, because his girlfriend told him earlier she wouldn’t suck his dick again if he ever shaved off his eyebrows.

    1. If you doesn’t now how to right american with out using brain or similar, you are not not a ediot douchey

  1. Ever notice how idiots always laugh the same way when they do something so ignorant that it can only be called stunning?

    1. Ever notice how douche bags always say the same thing when they write something so stupid that we all know that you have no friends?

  2. From now on, whoever types, “First” or “Dieded” are stupid assholes who can only get laid by blow up sheep. BLOW UP SHEEP. Seriously, I want to be able to flag comments on here, so that I can fucking flag those faggots who type those fucking annoying comments. People who type those words really are fucking too dumb to make up a clever or witty response.

    1. hmmmm very tempting. i wonder what would happen to a pron page if i use something far from a word use in it… could make for a hilarious browse.

  3. can someone help me? how do you send the fails? as an attachment? or send a link? or what? my crap never gets posted here and theyre FUNNY

  4. At the end of the video is that a hairy body part lying on the ground?. Maybe his scalp or balls? what a bunch of assholes. “dude come over here and check this out” and the assholes come over. Nice face dickhead. Maybe its easier to put your head up your ass without the hair to get in the way nice and slick.

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