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  1. This sounds so bad but all i could think of when the guy went flying was the song i believe i can fly. hee hee.
    If you pause it after he flies off it looks like he is waving upside down.

  2. Now!!! you can say “did he died” It fits here. Well? Did he?
    If you let your “friends” swing you around like this you deserve what he got!

  3. I like how the friend who is pushing the swing around doesn’t notice the guy fell off until the next time the swing comes around and then he starts looking around

  4. fail cuz you would have to throw it from the floor to get that far under him it would be infront if it actually hit him

  5. Я думаю на этом сайте уже спокойно можно по русски говорить блеать))

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