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  1. Meth + Crack = She doesnt really give a fuck if we all think she fails at fashion, she just gotta get to her dealer, get some more rocks, didnt even have time to put pants on after her last crack hit, probably cant even feel the cold, poor lass haha

    1. Umm….. I think “she” is a he. Either way it’s disgusting. Who wears shorts when it’s snowing outside? What a slut 😀

    2. a slut for wearing shorts in the snow??? Really?? Well then that makes you a slut for wearing bracelets… just sayin..

    1. Hey Crash you know what happens when your car hits a cow right? i think a dumptruck would do the job better.

    2. Dyquen i never thought of that. Poor car would fold in half. You might be on to something with the dumptruck. lol

    3. Do you know what would happen to a dump truck? We need an airplane to fall out of the sky to even INJURE that.

    1. Yeah… let itself go this year. Wl get back to adventuring next year… yeah…yeah, thats right. Next year!

  2. Is that a chick or a dude? Ugly either way! You don’t have to worry about this one falling into traffic. Weebols wobble but they don’t fall down!

  3. 1. she doesn’t need to be wearing that
    2. there’s snow on the ground, so it’s cold
    3. she needs to face it, she’s gonna have to go a size up
    4. they make shirts oversized for plus sized women, so they can coverup their gut.
    5. WHERE IS HER CHIN?!!?!?

  4. Hey Im from Tx and wear shorts in the snow. Has nothing to do with meth, I just enjoy the cold much more than 110 every day. Tho I dont look like THAT. lol

  5. that’s a guy. It’s near Downtown Baltimore. I’ve seen him before. He just walks in the middle of the street. he’s worn worse.

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