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  1. I have to say it isn’t that bad, just some nice work of art, I wonder what outfit he/she is going to wear with that~ But yeah, I agree the tootsie roll one is bad. I like the M&M one…

  2. two major questions: 1. how does one wipe owns ass with nails like that.
    2. if she broke a nail (any nail) which one do you think she would cry the most for losing?

  3. uuuh americans are so obese and fats that they even put food in their own body , that’s really really disgusting
    long live to europe!

    1. Fuck Europe and ur gay people. U hating on America. Man get the fuck outta here. Btch we got nukes. Well rock ur shitty nation. Prraa prraaa

  4. I think its really creative. You know how hard it is to do 3d art on nails??? I’m impressed. I guess I like em because I’m in the business. Yes I can wipe my ass better than anyone of you. My nails are longer than those.

  5. When she goes in public she better put those hands in her pocket other wise fat ppl mite start tryin to eat them and stuff

  6. those are the most ghetto fake nails I have ever seen.
    & the bad part… a girl in my class had her nails like that, but just jolly ranchers. bleh.

  7. I don’t EVER trust the hygiene of women who have nails this long…or longer. I mean how do you wipe yourself with long nails like that? AND if that’s not a big deal to you then your hands must be dirty too! YUCK!!!!

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