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    1. Um I’m pretty sure that’s a dude because if it was a chick her boobs wouldnt be so tiny. but for man boobs they are huge xD

  1. I think this is the same slob who had a video on here before. I think anyone who voted fail on this gets a fail for enabling an ultra fat attention whore.

  2. Please tell me that when he/she/it slowly dropped their head at the end it was because they were having a massive heart attack.

    Also, unibrow.

  3. In all reality with over 2,000 fails on this video. I would say that his EF video was an EF success. So although he is a complete Epic Fail. He has atleast had success in 2 feilds of his life.

  4. It’s funny, because he’s singing about kissing girls. Which he’s clearly never done, and never will do.

    …It’s a he, right?

  5. Well at first i was gna say i bet his friends find this…..until he started fondling himself…now im sure he has no friends O.o

  6. He has some massive man tits and what the hell was (IT) wearing on (IT’S) shoulders like a blanket or something??????????? he is really icky 🙁 i am ashamed of (IT) well done to the people who voted him a fail if you think he was a win then your an epic fail yourself!!!!

  7. i will never unsee this :'( it grosses me out to the shit house. you should really get off your ass and lose some WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

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