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    1. This is what would happen if Snookie and Pauly from Jersey Shore were to reproduce…say no to the globs of bronzer.

  1. If I looked like this, I would rather dieded or wear a bag over my head until it returned to normal.

    I wouldn’t lean my fishing pole against her.

    1. How is this photo “Photoxoped”? There’s just an overly tanned girl carving a pumpkin that blends in a bit too well. There’s no edited parts of this picture.

  2. Wow… she’s actually wearing gloves to carve a pumpkin? She’s afraid of a little pumpkin goo but not afraid to get skin cancer from all that fake n bake!?

  3. What’s the point in carving out that pumpkin???

    Someone should hack her golden head off, Punch out her eyes, then stick fucking a candle in her empty head!

  4. This girl went to high school with me.

    That is not face paint.

    That is a shit ton of fake bake.

    She looks like that in real life.

  5. hahahaha, i KNOW her. i went to high school with her. this is fucking priceless- no folks, she really does look like that, obnoxious fake tan and all.

  6. mmm, it just warms my heart to see this picture. she went to high school with me and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, this girl is a huge, huge bitch, and while she was never good looking, she didn’t USED to look quite this bad…but it makes me laugh to see her now. she really is that color.
    good luck in life, a.m.–now your look is as fake and unattractive as your personality!

  7. “I baked in the sun with these pumpkin since the day their seeds were planted and now look at the astounding results!”

    “If I absorb power from the sunlight, then maybe… just maybe… I can eventually develop chloroplasts, like plants do, and be carved up for Halloween instead of these pumpkins.

  8. i only see pumpkins.. oh, wait, no, there’s the girl in that picture.. couldn’t tell at first, it’s all so orange…

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