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    1. Terribly Good !, I bet she sucked his ding-dong after that little ditty. That’s about as good as all the other sh!t that’s out there… 😉

  1. It is as good as any of the other crap in the genre of music. All ti needs is a big time producer and a spot on Saturday Night Live and he will be the next big thing that gets killed in a drive by.

    1. and gotten filthy rich from three words… damn it i should have kept my dreads and not gotten this fuckin hearing aid.


  2. A mash up of different guys who all suck just as bad equally, which deaf toned or just plain deaf bitch told them they were good?

  3. You you you you you you you you you you you AND YOU, How many girls is the last guy talking to?? and that sure aint singing, more like muttering.

  4. What the hell was that. I taught there was something wrong with my feckin computer. It turned out to be that fool trying to sing or dying slowly in pain. EPIC FAIL.

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