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    1. I hate you Squirrel! How about you suck on my nuts?
      You had a great first and ruined it with garbage. I really dislike how people don’t even try to contribute anything to these forums. I mean really, “Did he dieded?” STFU you moronic waste of flesh and mind. Do us all a favor and rinse your mouth with buckshot…..

    1. He’s probably exhausted from having to work all day at a job YOU wouldn’t ever dream of doing. Working outside….douche bag.

    2. nope no mexicans in NYC mostly P.R., Dom. Rep. or Colombians. Lived there 5 yrs and i saw this same shit happen to a wallstreet trader. happens when u party all fuckin night and have to get going to work at 5:00am (traffic does suck that bad)

    3. Mexicans do the work you don’t, I dare you to do all the work they do cuz they come here searching for a job, they risk their lives so they can give their families a better lifestyle, America would be nothing without them you should respect them as I do.
      So FUCK YOU ChrisForeigner

  1. I wish I could moderate this website. Hell, I wish ANYONE would moderate this website. There are more troll posts than actual posts.

  2. Why would some one be recording this and at the appropriate moment?… physic cameraman or old fashion staging?

    1. Physic?? I think you mean PSYCHIC lol. Umm, you DO know cameras are everywhere now right? Most phones carry cameras now, where have you been?

    2. Calm down Dante just suspicious that some one would record a guy while he slept… your probably used to it but I’m not.
      also am using speech recognition at the so things tend to get a little mixed up lol.

  3. After living in NY i see this as actually a win cuz sometimes u dont tip over and knock yourself awake and then you find yourself at the end of the line with a cop tapping you on the head with a nightstick. Yeah i hated that place.

  4. I wouldnt say a subway fail more of a gravity win lol. Still that was some whack maybe it would knock some sense into him and not do it again.

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