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    1. yeah i am sure they just sate around wating for some dbag to write first so they could change them to second

    2. the friggin “FIRST” comment alone makes it your fault! Now stop whining and shut your fuckin’ face, dickhead!

    3. James… you are a loser. A loser of the highest order. Please go outside and play in traffic. Naked. Blindfolded. Now.

    4. fucking hell you are so stupid i actualy laughed for 15 min this has got to be your first funny comment in years

      you need to calm the crap down and stay haway of this site for a couple of weeks!!!

  1. I feel ashamed for laughing about people who have no dicks. I’m sick and tired of all those people smacking drawers. I’m sick and tired of all those drawers smacking people. The world is so full of retards, it fuckin’ hurts! Fuckin’ retarded drawers. Who the hell cares anyway?

  2. some people have wayy too much time on they’re hands, but not so much grey mater on the uuper floor. Stupid faild bad-ass imitations. Even johny bravo would kick they’re asses.

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