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    1. Hey, everyone, lets complete the sentence about Sact!

      First to…..
      *…be gay on this fail
      *…fuck up his own mom
      *…be killed, on my list anyway

    2. There’s never been more trolls, every comment is trolling. However, you can picture me doing whatever you want, but I’ll still be first to comment here 🙂

      elephant are nice animals.

    1. you gogle for “lost baby on car whell” and then cut the foto on paintbrush and then paste them over a normal pic and click “save as…”
      thats pritty quite easy!

    1. I think people got sick of reading the comments so people quit coming to this website.

    2. the people quit this site becasue there are too many anti-trols like you and you!
      you should get a life and be away of the computer mister anti-troll

    3. james…. are you realy this stupid or are you just acting?
      if it is the last you will make milions in hollywood.
      if it is the first please do as the person above you suggests and remove your genes from the genepool

    4. acting??what do you mean??
      im genuine!!!
      this site is going worst because of you and the guy that has my name, terrance and thenyc on the nickname!!
      you all are creating a bad enviroment!!
      and im no kid!! i have pubs long time ago…about 1.5 decads!

    5. nop…i just dont like people that has nothing to do instead of cumming into this site all day just to bad comment the other comentors!

  1. This would be a FAIL in america but the usual in Norway. All couples do that…they sit and have coffee by the window whilst baby prams are parked outside. Good for the baby to continue sleeping in fresh cold air. Even kindergartens put toddlers in prams outside for the naps.

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