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  1. just plain stupid azz RAN!!!!!
    he must have been next to get prison raped.
    yeah…..dive into a shit tolit….and get ur head full of shit.

  2. OMG OMG, amazing, wanna be like him, omg I wanna be In Jail and do that, omg he s my hero OMG OMG OMG LOVE U TOMMY

  3. He watched too much alice in wonderland. I bet the lsd he probably took helped him believe he could escape. The bad thing is that he probably dreamt that he actually escaped while knocked out.

    Hallucination fail!

  4. There is no other explanation for this than it being an attempted suicide. Must’ve felt pretty desperate cause that must have hurt

  5. Did he just try to dive in the toilet to accomplish something great? nothing but fail and fail comes from using toilet to do anything.

  6. Great idea!! …The only thing is that it only works in Super Mario Bros. Diving in the toilet won’t get you out of this cell, idiot!! Too much Mario leads to prematured Game Over.

  7. Did he trying to jump into that toilet or what the hell? O.o
    I think too this was more like a suicide attempt 😀

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