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    1. this foto was far better if she has her tongue inside her mouth, and the guy back there was taking a dump over the 2 pretty faces

    2. I have to agree with keijzer…..that’s just nasty James…if you were my bf and did that to me I would cut your balls off…….

  1. Why in hell would you post that picture on the internet? Sure, the hot girls, but cut out the fat fuck in the bathroom.

  2. Well I believe he had the door close but as he heard something getting hot outside the door he took a chance and bam! Pathetic.

  3. Looks like the fat kid that was on the Hard Times Of RJ Berger. and this looks like a situation most likely from the show.

  4. That guy must be a brother because those chicks likely wouldn’t hang out with someone like him…especially since he shits with the door open.

  5. The girl on the left looks like Dakota Fanning. The one on the right is super hot. Poor guy on the toilet just wasn’t quick enough…

  6. Um where are the dudes pants in the bathroom? Notice they aren’t around his ankles….since when do we take our pants off to take a crap?

  7. So the guy’s on the toilet, choking the chicken, and figures the 2 hot chicks sharing an intimate moment might provide some motivation. Just throwing out a suggestion…

  8. What the heck’s man broz! What the heck’s that’s all ’bout manz! The guy is on the throne man! That’s kinda disasterrific manz! Too bad!

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