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    1. What he supposed to do, every fuckin day this bitch in front has her ass in his face, and they make him put his face inches from her twat to stare it down on a stupid ride, and then expect him to be totally gay about it? hell nah he was gonna crack sooner of later.

    1. UUUUUUMMMM im guessing you dont see dick alot in your life, hell i bet everytime you walk past the guys bathroom/locker-room you blush a lil.

  1. Terrence the elephant in the front looks like it’s laughing so no, I think everything turned out just fine in this one.

    1. haha so true XD i think that the lady with the orange shirt will not be able to unsee that for a while lol. btw, who is taking that picture???? lol (:

  2. Maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Maybe everytime that elephant gets hit in the head, he gets rock hard and fucks whatever’s in front of him. It gives new meaning to the phrase fuck stick or it’s the worst circus trick of all time.

  3. i love the way the man with the straw hat is beating it over the head hahahahaha when you fuck your wife, dont wear a backpack full off human’s

  4. I think the precum all over the female’s ass is the most disturbing… The dude just couldn’t wait any longer

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