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  1. I have nothing to say..I just don’t want anybody else to have the great joy that comes from announcing that they were first to leave a comment on this one. Yes..I’m a cock-blocker. It pleases me.

    1. Truly I did. There was no ‘first’ when I clicked here to leave a comment. Damn you, Cigarello..damn you. You’ve raped my ass.

    2. Your Time-Zone failed you. Blame your President/Prime Minister/Dictator, I’d send him a stern letter of disapproval, then abruptly pack up & move to a country in an earlier time zone, start with California or British Columbia & see how that works for you, you may have to move as far away as Afganistan. Not sure. 😉

  2. well, we know whats better to use when building cars. fiberglass is good looking but heavy metal is better. the cop car doesn’t even have a damn dent.

    1. the front bumper is dented a little but that steel brush guard on front did alot of damage to the car.

    2. you’re an idiot. who cares what it looks like after an accident as long as it saves your life. look up and do a little research into what absorbs more energy in a collision you fool. you’re uninsured ass would probably drive it the same after a front collision you poor bastard.

    3. agree fiber glass is safer because absorbs the strength of the impact, instead of heavy metal that transfer the energy of the collision rigth to your spine

    1. You’re right, these people pay big money to shoot on location in the city. Filming permits cost money. Greedy politicians hate losing money. Cop is fucked.

    1. yeah i know, they put him in a car body bag before taking him to the car morgue for a car autopsy. very sad, let’s all be a little bit more respectful to the fact that the real bumblebee died during this shoot. i don’t know if the filming can go on but we’ll see. r.i.p. bumblebee

  3. cops always think they can do whatever the fuck they want just cause they have a badge. he probly just didnt feel like takin the detour around the set. jackass.

  4. Wow, i dont know where this happened but when they were shooting in my city, noone of the general public was allowed within 6 blocks of the shooting area. not even police. this city just fucked up the release date.

    1. They didn’t screw up the release date. They have a few other replicas, along with the original, so they can easily replace it if damage is done. Film execs aren’t that stupid.

  5. What the fuck, that cop was driving in the wrong lane of traffic and what the fuck was he even doing on that street? I get the feeling that the city is going to be paying to repair Bumble Bee.
    But it’s a good thing that they have back ups of all the transformer cars.
    I was hoping for T3 that Sam would get a case of Jungle Fever and his love interest would be a cute black girl. Just an idea. Need more interacial in these movies.

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