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  1. this seems to be at a Yard sale, which means either this isnt a real one or back in the day the spelling errors where just a rare grand sight to see.

  2. i’m not native english speaker but couldn’t the answer be much simpler? as in, the person awarded with this badge was honing some much needed bravery, thus becoming the bravery honer? and i’m dead serious here. if my theory makes no sense to you americans or brits tell me:)

    1. I honed my bravery yesterday. When there was no more left I had to get another one…
      @deadmarc: well… honing bravery doesn’t make much sense… even speaking figuratively and meaning “to make sth. better” by that … but of course you can HONOR bravery

  3. Guess that fire department’s located somewhere in South Carolina… you know, shit like that usually only happens in South Carolina…

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