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    1. this must be epic.. i mean think of the ability to take a nap everywhere you want… like a superhero… or that ass “i can sit everywhere i want”-guy on cyanide n happiness

  1. Too many possible scenarios to not LOL at a single one. reminds me of that titty win sometime back with the girl that did the same thing at will

    1. lol.. me too. after that i couldn’t understad which of the many fails was meant as the actual fail 😀 doesn’t really matters – multi fail!!

    1. so , its classic and way past awesom to do that , u sleep durin clases u sleep durin sex every once ina whilke ) , y not at work xD

  2. I like how she is cupping her front butt as she is napping, maybe thats how she does it, she just pushes all of her front fat up into her face.

  3. … It really looks comfy though.
    Every woman should be able to rest on her own soft and sweet-smelling boobs. Nature’s unfair!

    1. Yay! I will try not to drool and snore. But that is a true thing, it’s so much better to lie on a woman’s chest than on a man’s torso… I never tried moobs though. Cows are fine too, but a bit too hot, make my cheeks sweaty.

    2. You can snore and drool all you want as long as I can play with you while you’re sleeping…

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