Floral Arragement Fail


Design Fail

“My girlfriend’s brother bought his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers online in the shape of a dog.

The above photo is what he received, the bottom photo is what it’s supposed to look like…FAIL.”

Submitted by Erik

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    1. um…suck on what exactly? you probably don’t have anything if you’re posting a comment on this website

  1. i think this is totally fake. the nose, eyes, baskets and bow are COMPLETELY different from the picture. i no that companies can pretty much fuck up a lot of the stuff that they make, but they usually don’t fuck up stuff THAT bad. ( also the dog looks possesed lol )it might be real too, but if it is then Orly? is right. lol (:

  2. this is real considering my mother wanted this for mothers day and my sister and i both got it for her unknowingly from two diff places and one was a complete fail just like the first one it looked like a demented bear and the other one was so cute like the bottom one lol im glad we both got em bc she wouldve been soo disapointed

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