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  1. i almost broke my thumb using that drill,it only take’s a rod of concrete reinforcement to snag it and that drill spins like a motherfucker…he could of put that kid in hospital big time,the prick.

    1. You idiot!
      First, that’s a jackhammer, not a drill. The tip doesn’t spin, get that through your skull. In fact it doesn’t move at all.
      Second, what the fuck is concrete reinforcement going to do in the pavement?

      Yeah, that’s a parenting fail, but not for the reasons you pointed out.

    2. Oh, and how could I forget, what kind of a wuss are you that a drill almost broke your thumb? Hold it like a man god damn it, you’re not jerking off.

    3. oh sorry i forgot those 7 years i did of construction work was a complete fucking dream hahah you made yourself look stupid like a women pretending to know about car’s…lern the difference between jackhammers and drills lady brains

    4. Of course that’s a drill, you douchebags! – haven’t you ever heard of hammer drills? – it’s a hammer drill, a Bosch GBH 11 DE rotary hammer drill to be precise, set to hammer mode…

    5. I’m a woman and I know nothing about construction tools and that’s definitely a drill. I think it’s confusing because next to the little girl it looks so gigantic and dangerous. Please someone post in here a link to the local news reporting that these people are all in jail by now…

    6. Yeah, poopr is right, but since it is used in hammer mode, why would it “spin like a motherfucker” since it doesn’t spin at all? So the point I was trying to make remains valid.

      Yeah, that’s what confused me.

    7. its not a hammer drill its a wall jackhammer mainly used for removing cement render or tiles and yes iv seen some that look like that and are hammer drills.(think its was a ramset) btw she can realy mess up her feet with it

    8. @ just me…you dont know shit…jackhammers are used to break concrete up, hammer drill’s are a heavy duty drill use’d to drill through concrete without disterbing the surounding surface….it spins and hammers at the same time to penatrate hard ground/wall…look at the floor by the drill…the holes are round, if it were a jack hammer it would be chiped and cracked…why argue about something you clearly know fuck all about ?

    9. That IS a drill… its a drill / jackhammer combo. It’s called a rotahammer. I’ve used that exact Bosch before. You can turn the drilling motion on or off….

    10. Thats a drill… if it was a jackhammer, a kid that size could not be able to hold it up πŸ˜› if a man used it he would get seriously backpains for bending over that much…

    11. Ha HA the amount of people who give a shit about the construction equipment used to endanger this little girl FAIL! FAIL FAIL FAIL!

    12. yaget, you know you wana call it a jackhammer, you just decided to be nutral untill you know what team is gonna win, the jackhammer’s or the hammerdrill’s….you glory hunter

    13. Everyone let an expert explain. This is a Bosch Rotary Hammer Drill. I work for Ramset and Bosch manufacter our powered hammer drills braded Ramset. Yes you can put it into just a hammer mode , which the girl is using. It acts exaqctly like a Jack Hammer. The girl is using a 7kg Drill. Im impressed that she can hold it up. I agree that this is very dangerous and she could hurt herself very seriously. There needs to be a fair bit of force behind the drill to make the hammer work. It will not work if you hold hold it onto the concrete, you need to press down to engage the hammer. You can see the girl putting all her body weight into pushing the drill down.
      @justme, keep your opion to yourself and let the experts explain.
      I have seen grown men built like a tank snap their arms by using a hammer drill that when they hit the reo. We have endless report of this and usually come down to operator error. Its clear that you have no idea on how concrete works as you ask a very stupid question about the reo in the concrete and whats it going to do in pavement. Maybe you should do a bit of research before you voice your opinion especially if your going to insult people when your were wrong in the first place. It just shows that you are the Idiot and cant even admit your mistakes. Clearly your NOT a Real Man

  2. hahaha … to su bre cigani, kak jebeno radi… to je balkanska svakidaΕ‘njica… I love Balkan, especially parents idiots. For me it’s normal.

  3. Idiots come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and colors. There are just some people who shouldn’t meddle in the gene pool and contribute to the continuation of our species.

    1. of course u don’t think there’s anything wrong with this… You eat babies. What do you care…lol πŸ˜‰

  4. Stupid Harry Homeowners always keeping contractors in business. It is a hammerdrill. It is not a ramset. a ramset is a construction grade .22 caliber gun with a nail for a bullet. Wow. I guess when you flush the toilet the poop goes to China too huh?? IT is a hammerdrill with a chisel option on. Regardless of the mode. it is heavy enough with enough force from the chisel option to break her toe/foot. For those who think it is a jackhammer… I didn’t know Avon made Jackhammers. Not to mention Jackhammers use a different chuck! Not a drill chuck you friggin moron. Pray that you make enough money to afford help or you are destined to fail your family… point blank. Oh by the way where is the left handed screwdriver or the drywall strecher? I could really use that sky hook!

    Ahhhhhaaaahahahah. Man Fail!

    So glad I have a real pair!

    1. or maby he actully has a life and a job by the sounds of it to not be an expert at epicfail trolling like you….take that Bosch GBH 11 DE, point the drillbit at your temple and set the trigger to lock, jobs a gooden

    2. Ramset is a company and they make more than just nail guns moron, Also it uses an SDS chuck, Chisels and Drill Bits both come in SDS.

    3. for 1. I’m sorry massa for not posting where u want it massa I won’t be doin that again massa. STFU what are you the mediator for Disney??

      Now Ken. If I was wrong about the hammerdrill part I’d accept your statement as worthwhile. So first off who ate your tampon?? Second, who cares it’s still a hammerdrill. That is the subject. Not how many times you can watch the view and learn how to optimise on you pms. If I ask for a ramset on a jobsite. That means I want a gun that will shoot an anchor through concrete or other hard surfaces up to certain steel thicknesses not their new tampon injector. Just because you can google ramset doesn’t mean you know how to use one. If I ask for a sawzall and we dont have a Milwaukee. I don’t want my helper saying we only have a dewalt. If you were my helper I’d leave you on the jobsite.

      Military…Thanks again for teaching our lil girlfriend how to use a drill!

    4. I would never work for a wanker like you, I hear people like you yelling at and insulting their apprentices all the time, Its cause you don’t know what a fucken tool is or how to use it “get me that thing, you know that thing there, that fucken thing with the handle. Oh for fucks sake”

  5. that girl should have sticked that thing right in his face – aaah I remember a great video where a dad lets his kid handle a pistol and gets shot for it, now that was KARMA πŸ˜€

  6. Frankly it doesn’t matter what tool it was….

    What matters is the tools that wasted their time making a whole comment page about it.

  7. forget about the drill/jackhammer….no one even mentioned what if the girl cut through the electric cable since it was flapping around….what a douche bag parent

  8. and also the other woman filming it too…its bad enough the guy being an idiot but I would have thought the woman ‘presumably mother’ would have stopped it…double fail

  9. I can see my daughter doing this one day, I encourage my kids to have a go at most things. I am sure the guy loves his daughter and would be ready to jump in if anything happened and its not that dangerous anyway. If his little girl wants to be like daddy good on her, and good on dad for letting her have a go. He could have just said sorry daddy’s busy, just go and play inside, most people do nowdays. We don’t need more cotton wool kids.

  10. Push me
    And then just touch me
    Do I can’t get my satisfaction
    Satisfaction, satisfaction,
    satisfaction, satisfaction

  11. This isn’t a parenting fail. She’s probably mexican and her parents are just trying to give her a leg up on the competition for when she is actually old enough to enter the job market.

  12. Serbian loser lmfao xD dont be pissed or even surprised, here ppl are killing their kids, selling them, fucking them… this is nothing … ^^

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