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    1. hahaha!! I was going to say the same thing. If he was going for the douchebag look, he certaily achieved it!

    2. I thought that as soon as I saw it!!!!!! It’s crazy when people like that think they look good or cool.

    1. Why would I, as a woman, fall for something that looks like it was cooked on broil for a hr?

  1. I can’t wait until hes older and his skin looks like a leather bag that was wet and streched, 100% solid melanoma right there… so sexy… This is why some animals kill their young

  2. Michael Jacksons Long Lost SON!!! Trying to bring back some Black in the family… LMFAO.. I had too do it.. This guys a fucking tard for sure..

  3. see white people r dying to b like black people…..they try 2 be there color , they try 2 have their features , jus aint makin it buddy

  4. Did anyone notice the advertisement above the pic for Summer’s Eve? lol yeah he’s a douche, all right….

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