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    1. west coast fag u know Ur from frisko! 323 is the times u taken a dick up your ass represent that ..east coast go biggie!!

      lol just wanted to feel like it was back in the 90 actually don’t give a fuck if you wanna be a retarded and represent Ur hood Ur probably not a really hood anyway

    1. wow your rude you really need to take a look in the mirror at your ugliness you can fix fat but you cant fix ugly sorry hun(:

    2. to:Kristina, u need to watch ur mouth! i think u just put that because think ur ugly!

    1. did anyone notice that there is more than one fatgirls in this pick? dnt just target that one, look at the second on to the right

  1. um, don’t even get HOW she got on that team… in volleyball it doesn’t matter if you have a fat blob in the middle of your court

  2. Number 6 looks like she is a freak. yeah yeah yeah i kno Chris i kno. lemme hit first at least so its worth the Jail time

    1. to: Heart Break Princess, that’s me! i’m number 7! Oh,and Dyquen, NOT ALL BLONDES ARE STUPID!!

  3. Looks like the fatty is in the midst of ripping one and the poor girl to her left is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. She was obviously listening to something the girl with the surprised looking expression said.

  4. wow people need to take a long hard look and the mirror you fix an ugly face with plastic surgery you cant fix an ugly personality

  5. You people are jackasses. For one, size doesn’t matter in volleyball. Two. You can see they’re all still in school. Real adult of you to make fun of kids. Making more kids commit suicide.

    1. if someone is going to kill themselves over being called fat there’s a PRETTY good chance they weren’t going to be all that useful anyway.

  6. You guys are retarded. I would rather be fat then to be a person so cruel an heartless as all u 10 year olds.

  7. I’m not one to stick up for fatties, but half the other girls in the pic are pretty ugly.

    the one in the center looks like a man for instance. and the one at the top right from the center looks like some kind of fucking ghoul.

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