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  1. lol this is what happens when you play games on 360’s crappy system and worst, when you burn those games. Red dead redemption had some horrible stuff like this for 360 as well

  2. The game is full of bugs, some quests are completely broken, some main ones too! game is great, but common test the freaking game!

  3. Jb Buddy fak u xbox is clearly better so read the rattings before u type b.s u dumba$$ quality is better than quanity rember that dumfuk.

    1. Your ignorance amazes me.
      And I believe the word you were looking for was fuck.
      As in: “Stop making stupid fucking comments.”

  4. 1:34 Sooo….the posessed doctor floated over and blew you til you passed out while offering words of encouragement? I dont knw if this is a fail or the best f*cking game ever

  5. 1:50 Fucking mutant docter gives you a blow while as you start to pass out…. What The Fuck Happened To Your Disc!?!?!??!?

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