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  1. hmmm maybe you shouldnt stand behind the guy with the 6 foot wooden pole who is swinging it around blindly you stupid b*tch. now go make me a sandwich…..

    1. LMFAO I thought that was hilarious and I’m Mexican haha, that’s why she got hurt. We certainly don’t use 6ft long sticks, dumbasses.

    2. if it wasnt for white people you would still be filling your pinata’s with tacos and red peppers…now get the fuck back over the border you slightly darker white person

    3. Lol, stereotyping is generally not my thing yet it might not be sheer coincidence that “military minded” people don’t appear to be the brightest. Either that or they are bigoted, racist, and possibly a little bit narcissistic. You’re an idiot and nowhere near my intellectual standards. And by the way, when I said “dumbasses” I was only referring to the ones in the video.

    4. Why so many hate agaisnt mexicans? they’re not the only one who use pinatas in their parties…that just shows how brainless some people are ! :/

  2. They should have all known to stay very clear of him, I mean he already smacked that guy in the back with the broken arm.

  3. I’m guessing that their not at a resort but LIVE in that trailer. And the guy with the sling fits right in, it’s called natural selection.

  4. clearly the metal in that trailer park blocks the broadcast signal and any potential learning that could happen from watching america’s funniest videos….

  5. First fail. Stick is way toooooo long. Second Fail. Standing too close to the man you just spun with a stick longer than you are.

  6. can you hear the coconut getting smacked lol no wonder people say that blondes are ao stupid bang that blonde pinata wee haaaaa

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