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  1. Yeah this is pretty stupid. I’m sure if you do that about any race or nationality, it will bring up something idiotic too. Come on now, give me a break.

    1. yah kind off..everything that is the opposite of their own race is beautiful for them…that’s why mangas are represented with wide eyes ..light hair etc

    1. I would say I third it but can think of anything that is as catchy as “I second that”… I third that maybe.

  2. Japanese people are the best. they are very respectful and humble. they made almost every product you can imagine.they are very intelligent compared to dumb americans.

    1. I like Japanese people too, but don’t take a shot at Americans. It’s easy to throw darts at the one who’s on the top.

    2. I know of one product Japan didn’t invent…….The Nuclear bomb. Of course they did help us test it out. >:-D

    3. BS. Japanese people are humble and respectful only towards eachother. If you go into that country and you’re white or african-american you get treated like crap unless they want your money. Not to mention you get stared at and talked about and old people tell you to GTFO their country. True story.

    4. @Pierre Manslapper: The Atomic bomb was actually invented by the germans. Einstein brought knoledge of it to roosevelt, who then started development in the U.S

  3. Why are Japanese anime so awesome but there porn has the most fucked up shit in it but yet the go and blur out the most tamest thing in the whole video…why blur out the fuckin bush but yet they will show a chick pissin in a dudes mouth and taking a dump on his chest while another guy pours eels in her ass after every dropped deuce? one time by accident and i am scarred. :/

    1. At one point in the nineties in Japan, there was a rash of gang related violence involving women being held at knifepoint for their underwear. The vending machines were introduced to curb this behavior. True story.

    1. dude, you’re thinking chinese cuz that shit you said has to be from a fortune cookie

  4. Not really a fail for Google. Googles predictive searches based on their database collection of peoples passed searches. So I would say this is a society fail

  5. There is no error ….
    Everything is right.
    The Japanese are full of idiots.
    And their womans are realy uglyest in the world.
    Whole world knows it.

  6. Try typing “Why are american” and you’ll get So fat, so stupid, so ignorant. Don’t discriminate races, everyone of you are probably using japanese technology in your houses. You may be the richest country in terms of money, but you are not the richest when it comes to discipline.

    whorelover: as your name implies, you must be too ugly that you need to pay a whore just to get a pussy.

  7. The reason that why are japanese people are weird song is up there is because it was made by a guy on youtube called nicepeter. nicepeter for the win. everyday there is a new coke head

  8. Sorry People…. Every race has prejudice people and every country has something wrong with it. There really is no reason to bag on one over the other we All deserve the harassment. Besides aren’t Samurai swords AWESOME??!!! lol

  9. The racism thing is actually also not really a fail. The Japanese culture is among the most racist towards outsiders there is, though it’s better these days. You could not insult a Japanese more than calling him/her Gaijin (outsider). It was even worse for people with one non-Japanese parent…

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