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    1. really? this is what happens when Malfoy learns that there is going to be no year 8 at fragging Hogwarts?

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wa just about to say the same thing. now why is it the guys are all butt fuckin ugly, but most of the chicks are hot?

    1. well black people need to have somthing in all this, because if you’re black and cant jump or dance, then we have no need for you

    1. I don’t believe that being able to speak and spell a variety of languages makes us Canadians *worse* than Americans. I believe it makes us more intelligent.

    2. If you thought this donkey looking douche was Canadian with that British accent then you dont get out much do you.

    1. lool!! I posted the last comment as a reply to someone who said this fails as a fail, it is not funny, and we don’t want to watch this kind of fails. Apparently EF team deleted it for saying the truth!? What the hell… EF “Expression Freedom” fail!

  1. I thought he looked familiar. I guess you never forget a fool who films himself crying and failing hard at punching a wall over and over again… all because of difficulty of a video game.

    Question: Where are his eyebrows?

  2. i think i liked him better with his milk mustache and punching the walls. he is a tad on the loopy side of things i think its from to much milk

  3. FUCK SAKE where on earth did they find this fuckwitt my noton security was offended by that dance it tried to block him 🙂 oh imagine him singing the fuck my butt song oh dear ,,,

  4. this video was a fail the moment he said “hey”.. I can’t even tell what sucks more – the way he looks, the way he moves or the fact that he thinks he rocks in both.. facepalm

  5. Wasn’t this kid in another fail video? I think he was in the one where he freaked out about CODMW2. Or maybe that was another British guy with shaggy hair…. what are the odds??

  6. The real fail here is that this kid is the best dancer in Western Europe. Seriousley every dance hall in the UK looks like special ed-recess time.

  7. makes me proud to be english. i cant wait to meet this guy…how did he spend the rest of his birthday? probably wanking in the back of a wilkinsons whilst looking at the home brewing section, that friendless, buck toothed fuck.

  8. Did anyone notice him checking his watch on what day his birthday was on? … That’s kinda weird, but then the video was kinda astounding altogether…. lol

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