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  1. Are the two of you deaf? It’s a he! But none the less any grown man that skiis, is a loser. If you are going to do any winter sports, snowboarding is the only acceptable one that involves a board of wood under your feet. I would qualify this as a multi fail. You can list the fails below. 1st, he tripped. 2nd he tripped again. 3rd He doesn’t know the sport well enough. 4th?

    1. are you a gay area d bag. let me guess you make it out to a resort once a year and think your good at snowboarding. any true snowbumb as respect for all slop sports. well not the short ski crap. and this is not a skier fail this is a wax tec fail. they need to get some one new to wax there skis before the raise.

  2. dudes giv her/him a break, alright ‘! maybe she just watched amovie wit jon stewert in it and decided to do sumthin better with life,it happens to th best of us =J

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