Getting a Tattoo Fail


People Fail

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Submitted by Marco L.

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    1. Good job of pointing out your problem with the cap locks button. I’ll help you identify the rest of your mistakes.

      1. You’re not first, you’re fifth. So obviously you can’t count.
      2. You have the grammatical skills of a retarded Scotsman who herds goats for a living.

      You’re welcome, now go back to shoving crayons up your nose and winning gold medals at the Special Olympics for running around in circles.

    2. lolol this kid is a troll but… he makes the best comments X D good job on identifying your personal traits btw gratz

  1. atleast he had th balls to kick him out , and beat th crap outs him , i mean , cmon , tatoo artist are liek presidents , sure they might lie * shows george bush * , and they f*cked up our country * shows diferent george bush pic *, and they cant get anythin right * shows barack obama* butstil they HAVE to getaway wit sumthin liek this xD ‘ !

    1. OMG! We have an excellent example here of the reclusive and rarely seen retardus l33tus! It rarely shows its face outside of its mothers basement, mainly dining on junk food, hot pockets, and soda. When the mother leaves the internet unwatched, it tries to find sites to spill their illiterate bullshit and when it does come across one, it makes vague appearances, sometimes through many different screen names (sometimes it only speaks when provoked through irrelevant and/or shocking images or text). The life span is very dependent on the mother of this creature, when the mother either dies or kicks out the retardus l33tus. It tends to die without the internet, so staying in the mothers basement is crucial to its survival.

  2. alright…this is why i weep for the future…why the hell would any person allow a tattoo artist they just had an argument with anywhere near them? And with their back turned no less….?!? This is in the same ballpark with the douchebag who put his motorhome on cruise control and went back into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich, crashed, and then sued (and won) because the dealership who it to him didnt tell him it wouldnt drive itself; or that insipid cow who spilt the hot coffee in her lap in the burger king drive thru (who also sued and won)…come on people, wake the fuck up! If you dont want bad things to happen to you, dont put yourself in bad situations.

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  3. Tattoo artist win against stupid tattoos. “A ying yang with a dragon”? A giant penis is exactly what I want to tattoo on every moron who comes into my shop asking for ying yangs, tribal, praying hands, black crosses, rosary beads, cherries, stars or any other horribly lame, tacky cliche.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. He deserves it for wannting a ying yang with some dragons tatoo.

    1. Hmm… this guy is being brought up on criminal charges. He’s most likely going to get sued for everything that he’s worth. Oh, and if he has a tattoo license, it probably got revoked. Not really seeing the win here…

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