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    1. Can’t deny Elvis was a monster talnet, but I still prefer Carl Perkins’ version of his own song. Carl Perkins was a real deal rockabilly daddy.

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  1. This actually shows the creation of the world according to old norse mythology: in the beginning, the world was covered in ice. The primeval cow Audhumla licked the ice and freed two frost giants (Ymir and Búri). They then grew stronger by suckling Audhumla.

    1. Then Chuck Norris came and banged every ancient god to death before fisting Shiva in the ass.

      True storeeee.

  2. The funniest thing about this pic are the stupid comments. First, no, it’s not an ox. Clearly it’s a cow. And not any cow, but Audhumla, the origin of the world according to Nordic mythology. To bad for you Americans that you don’t have such exciting history as we do, and that you are to dumb to recognize art.

    1. It’s the two people with Scandinavian regions in there name are the only two who know what this is. I’m almost sorry to admit I’m American after reading these posts not to mention the moron took took the picture in the first place.

    2. Have never seen this statue so obviously didn’t know the meaning behind it. As soon as I saw it though I felt bad, I see it as giving birth to human, baby being nursed, then the greed of human causes them to nurse the animal until the animals starvation it looks like…says so many things…wonderful piece of art actually…Thank you to whomever shared it…

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