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    1. That’s not supposed to be a joke, that’s what happens when you go to jail, although the second shemale with the proper makeup could pass as a girl, and fail to the 4th shemale having a tiny boner from rubbing his leg into the 3rd shemale.

    2. Chickenwings… lol, You love #2 & you’d do a 3-some if #4 didn’t have a boner? haha, I’m guessing by the time I write this comment you’ll have already photoshopped this pic by cropping your own head onto #3’s body & erased the boner. haha …Shut-in fail. 😉

    1. Sorry, they all look alike to me- I’m incapable of seeing race (“Ching-chong Ding-dong ‘roves tea!”).

    1. They’re either Cambodian or Philippino. The ratio of straight men to straight women there is like 1 for every 100. LMAO

  1. They all got their start at 10yrs old. now look at em. just the most uber fag you ever seen. The Population of San Fransisco see this and call them Fags.

    1. there hispanic and they are from the rio grande valley in mcallen………it is so fucking sick i know that mother fucker 🙁

    1. its the ugly guy/girl fish eye. you see the middle one would surround themselves with even uglier people to look more cute but if you separate the picture by only seeing her, you can see past the illusion.

  2. Not only does it scare me how their legs are all shaven, how they know how to carry the purses and how the one in the black and silver pulls off that dress so well without tits (total buthisface), but the fact that they’d put this on the internet blows me away.

  3. They’re Filipino… the one second from right was my neighbor. Gays are openly accepted here. We love our gays! they’re funny, very confident, some are really smart and talented.but you sure wouldn’t want to mess with them. they go in packs haha!

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