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    1. that shit is so old , i started watching the YNC about 4 years ago and weeg was saying that shit then..and now your saying it…you’re like a sheep at the end of the whisper line thats 4 years long full of other sheople waiting for ther tern to say (did he dieded)

    2. It’s more like Terrance says to himself, “Watch, I’m going to get MM85 to waste another 30 seconds of his life typing a response to me, and get his blood pressure up.” Wait… he got me too, then…

    3. im not angry…i like to hate idiots…im more than happy to wast an houre on telling an idiot he is an idiot if it takes that long… in theory, terrance is sayinmg to himself “watch me make military enjoy making me look like an idiot”. to me, thats time well spent…if i didnt ejoy it, the whole epicfail site would be a wast of time to me

  1. it’s too bad the sign had no knee to bend him over and paddle his arse like it did to his face……… DOWN BOY!!!!!

  2. Would have been better if a cop had witnessed this and stormed over to issue citations for criminal mischief and criminal destruction of public property. Just stick it to the broke dick jerk.

    1. Close. If the sign didn’t hit his face and slow his momentum, he may have indeed broken that part of his anatomy.

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