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  1. Maybe it is not a party, maybe they just visited each other to drink a bit.
    Or maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t see any fail here.

    1. no. i dont troll!!! i tell the truth always.who defend gays are gay,you defend a gay,therefore you are gay also

    2. So u never in a point of ur life sitted in a bed with a friend or something? OH WAIT…i almost forgot..u probably have no friends 🙂 fucking idiot u probably live in ur mom’s basement behind the washing machine

    3. the point is that if u would be in that party u would of made ur way out of there OR u would of supported failures.

  2. I would like to be overly critical of these people to make myself feel better about my own shortcomings, but although they don’t look as they’d get many, if any women, they look like totally ordinary people doing totally ordinary shit

  3. haha who knows if these guys didnt just get laid and got back from partying? just having some beer and wine before bed. or pre drinks. fails are starting to fail

  4. 1st annual meet and greet.

    The next pic shows Terrance sitting on the floor, eating paste and throwing crap.

  5. This is a fail because someone named the picture “Party Fail”. Similarly, if someone took a picture of me right now, they could name it “Saving the world Fail,” because I am at my computer and not saving the world.
    Actually, I think this picture should be called “Rodeo Fail”.
    Or “Not getting beaten up by a homeless guy WIN”
    No, it should be “Having sex with 3 girls at the same time Fail”

    1. Didn’t u know pro gamers got laid constantly? look at them, you just see the essence of being masculin, shining from them.
      Actually im sure they just banged a couple of girls before this

  6. Talk about a tug party… this is the only pic where these creepers have cloths on… they posted the rest but gay kiddie porn is ilegal… really should have changed my name for this one…dont want these jerk offs to get any ideas…PUSSY FAIL

  7. Dude in the back is the sophisticated-type… Obviously he is merely tolerating the blithering skeleton beside him… XD

  8. Maybe I’m too stupid, but many of the pictures I see nothing strange …
    And here too.
    Two guys sitting and drinking.
    Where is the “Fail” ???

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