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    1. Indeed “Not T” those topless pics are HOTT. At first I said I would not want to tap that…But after seeing her fine rack, I’d tap that any day of the week.

    2. dont listen to them, my computer is almost government spec and it didnt work for me, so they talk shit

    3. @military No shit we were joking you dumbass! And you come on here “Addurrr, I have a badass computer and it didn’t work for me. They are lying and I’m a dumbass for not seeing the obvious..addurrrrrr”. Fuckin stupidass. I hate retarded ass people.

    4. Just ask him how he got that computer @dante you’ll prob be his best friend, and it’s prob some weird long story. @military FAIL FOR BEING LAME SOMETIMES.
      Her boobs are ARE A FUCKIN WIN BTW

  1. I find it weird that the pic is of the whole cell screen. Why the hell does it show the battery life and at+t at the top

    1. True, I own an iPhone, there’s no stupid little clock symbol either. Obvious photoshop, nonetheless, good looking girl… givin’ the finger ain’t so cool. Poor Kid.;-)

    2. @Bomberbill – It’s a screenshot of the iphone screen. You take one by hitting both the home button and the lock button at the same time.

      @Happy Camper – You’re retarded. The clock symbol is when you have an alarm set. The % is a feature you turn on in the “usage” settings. l2useyouriphone.

    3. Oops, I completely forgot about the alarm symbol. Understand the % icon… I’ll go hide like Osama Bin Laden now… cya. 😉

  2. “And Sweetie the day you were conceived was sooooooo special to me. If was mommy’s first 3 on 1 and your daddy looked lovenly into my eye and said “Rubber broke Bitch, turn around.”, and that was mommy’s 1st double-anal too!!!”

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