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  1. I wish he would!!Fat F*CK so fat he bust the rope, think i felt the after shock here.Thats what happens when ur a fat retard who thinks their cool,all that blubber gets in ur brain and u cant think straight+u dont realise ur to fat to be doin sh*t like that.

  2. First time in a while the slow-mo WINS but video way too long. It was your turn nigga but you fucked up on the epic ya fat pasty nigga. what was with that? HAHAHAHA

  3. Lmao, u can see it in everyone”s face before he jumps and then there’s the friend with da faint yell….. “stop! stop! stop!”……. epic

  4. a beautiful example of a fat pig who thinks he’s strong because he’s as heavy as a car. 230 lb of shit, that’s what he is…

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