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    1. They do this because then they become un-employable & they can stay on welfare indefinately. New rules coming though… 😉 they will be disqualified from receiving welfare if they intentionally make themselves un-hirable. 😉 Enjoy it while you can motherf**ker! lol

    2. Police: so you say he is missing
      Mother: yes haven’t seen him for two days
      Police: does he have any distinguishing marks?
      Monther: Well hmm……………………….

    3. totally cant get a job…

      What do you do for a living?
      I am an artist and an entertainer. I make my living performing around the world. My show typically consists of a mix of stand-up, spoken word, and sideshow stunts. I am also the front man for the band Lizard Skynard.

      and cant get a lady…
      Are you married?
      Yes. I married my wife Meghan on November 19th, 2003.

      do research before you talk shit.

    4. This guy probably works in a music store in the underground of a major city. I’d hire him – he can’t hide anywhere if he commits a crime, and he does not want to go to prison…

    5. hey be nice his wife probably isn’t fat and ugly!

      more likely she’s some kind of freak bearded bird woman!

    1. Your the fucking loser that doesnt know how to fucking spell. Dieded? really at least he has a job and is happy with his life and makes more than you ever will.

  1. the guy must have never recieved love or attention as a chid…. cause now he is probably making up for it looking like a freak to gain all the attention he never had.

    1. and he will likely be that way for life. Unless he meets someone who is blind and has no sense of touch. lol

  2. his name is Erik, he has a band.

    I had my tongue split three years ago. Only the sexually unadventurous wouldn’t be into it, I love it.

    1. Hey I had mine done about a year ago, I had to have it redone because it started to heal together… I love it! I did it for me, not for anyone else, but it really helps the sex life!

  3. I would say he’d have to be in a band, otherwise what’s his source of income? No way any respectable company would hire a guy looking like that!

    1. he is not in a band. he is in a freak show. i dont remeber what it is called. it comes out to burningman every year.

  4. What’s worse is that’s a topless chick. That’s a girl. Just imagine waking up to that naked in bed with you and spent condoms all over the floor and one hell of a hangover.

  5. I love how everyone bashes him just because he looks like this. People like all of you really irritate me. Stop hating on stuff you know nothing about.

    1. Wow, I assume he was not born like this. He chose to look this way. I can’t help but think of how many children born with birth-defects could have been helped with the money he spent on intentionally making himself a mutant.
      It’s a choice this guy made. He could have chose to donate the money to help children with birth-defects and become a hero.
      He chose poorly.

  6. It’s the lizard boy. This guy has been on more rock tours than you could ever imagine. He was a headlining act in the Jim Rose Sideshow Circus. This guy makes serious bank touring year round.

  7. I met this guy at a tattoo expo here. He is a very nice person. Go ahead Lizard Man… do your thing & screw what everyone else thinks.

  8. Erik “The Lizardman” Sprague has transformed his body into a canvas, swallowed the paint, and carved his masterpiece in flesh! Sprague’s body art transformation is as relevant and important and provocative as anything by anyone who has ever dared to create. Sprague is a living question mark about what is “human.” The only “epic failures” I see posted here are the comments by haters who cannot wrap their small reptilian brains around what Sprague has achieved with his body art transformation.

  9. Isn’t “FREAK” tattooed across his chest a little redundant? Secondly, where is the AIDS virus when you need it?

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