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    1. lol what the fuck like half of Japan was taking a picture of this poor failtard at the same time.

  1. i find it funnier that almost every person is trying to take a picture of here, almost seems planned….and why would she even walk out of the house in super short shorts while prego? why not put on sweats or something?

  2. wow! look at all those ppl taking her pic. Is she some kind of japanese celebrity? or did the rest of these ppl think they were at the zoo?? i know i am being completely insensitive here, but that is not a preggo belly and as versed as i am in japanese movies, she isn’t a celeb either, but perhaps i am not as knowledgeable in either japanese zooology or cinematography as i may like to think! PS- me conscience is tellin me Japanese ppl are just curiously rude motha-fuckers sometimes!! based on their museums, websites, movies and studies in scientific/biologic fields they are a human oddity-type loving ppl! plus their lack of inhibition when it comes to freak porn! but perhaps thats an unfair assessment as Japan is very patriarchal and penis oriented in culture. Possibly men gone wild? will have to further explore culturally! thank you epic fail. you are most though provoking!

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