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    1. win? really?
      that guy is a fucking irresponsible duche, and could easily killed someone. He is a fucking looser, more like epic fail.

    2. yea most drivers fukin suck and i always gotta watch out for those imbeciles. and this is a major driving FAIL

  1. YEP!!! They Win Now.. Someday They will kill someone…… Why do Americans Think they are the best drivers in the world??? When America had the most Accident than any country???

    1. @crazy2 WOW!!! You are really stupid. First of all, what makes you think that this was filmed in America? Second, what in hell makes you think that America has the most accidents? Have you ever driven in any India or any other middle-eastern or Asian country? How about South America, like Brazil for instance??? Clearly not. American roads are some of the safest roads in the world. You’re just another ignorant non-American who thinks Americans are the Devil but truly knows nothing. Educate yourself before attempting to insult the greatest country on this planet. Dumbass.

    2. greatest country on the earth sounds a little bit arrogant… i agree the states has safe roads, as all developed countries should,I must say as a Canadian, were pretty similar so cool it (no pun intended). as for crazy show me some stats or stfu. troll

  2. what the didnt show you was the accident… caused by the guy filming because they were paying attention to the multi tasker

  3. yeh i know ,yes sir what ever you say sir .without a thought for any one elses feelings.everyones a critic.thats lame,rad,cool,awful ,grusome ,hidious etc.

  4. So epicfail’s values dictate that putting lives in danger is a win, and anything that even vaguely appears to be anything other than heterosexuality automatically constitutes a lol fail.

  5. You think this is funny. In Portland, a Tri-Met bus driver (public transit) was fired for driving the busy streets of Portland while reading an electronic book. He had the gall to appeal to the transit union to get his job reinstated. Go figure…

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