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  1. LOL, it looks like after the first fail, he is looking to see if anybody did aswell and after de second fail he is relieved.

  2. First fellow: Hulk STOMP!…. :/… no body saw it…
    Second fellow: FLYING KIEHEEAAHhhgh *kills child in the front row*

  3. Dear Kung Fu Man,
    After years of training, when it mattered most, a simple hand saw is more effective than you. Hey, buck up- at least you weren’t the spaz that egg-rolled off the stage.
    Everyone who ever took woodshop in junior-high

  4. We just don’t do this shit in Kung Fu. Karate breaks sticks and bricks because they have a need to be intimidating. Kung Fu is all about non-intimidation. A Kung Fu master will never need to fight. A Kung Fu student will allow his opponent to hurt himself, especially a Karate Black Belt. LOL… Breaking sticks, LOL..

  5. Black Belt means they have mastered their style and form of their martial art. So why can’t these guys break those boards? Still, using a gun is way easier then fighting.

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