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    1. What are they doing to the animals?
      Wooo, the poor animals are running! We must save them! Dumbass PETA lovers.

    2. lol i am a peta lover:) And i can answer your question- using them for entertainment. These animals are using self defense and they take it for entertainment and make it practically a holiday, which is amazingly wrong.

    3. Who the fuck are you to call something right or wrong? Just because it’s called “wrong” in your fucking country? The people around the world have their own way of living while you keep juding them with your “American ways of life” So just shut up, everyone knows that it’s KFS and McDonals whos torturing the animals and not just a day in the whole year. It’s 7/24. Piss off.

    4. @Nigeth Wroong is worng. No matter what culture! We all have the same morals dumb fuck !

    5. I agree with Nigeth. What is perceived as right/wrong or good/evil by one human is not necessarily correct in any way, nor can it be the same view as the next person. It is only a matter relative to that person’s predispositions, which is nothing more than an opinion or a personally derived standard. Opinions have no grounds for any real argument or justification. They are relative to the individual or collective that perceive it to be that way. In this way, morals and even culture can be seen as nothing but over-hyped opinions of a collection. Since opinions differ between cultures and countries, not all cultures have the same initial morals.

      If identical standards of moral do become a monotonous standard on this planet, then it would be because arrogant people who think that their opinion is actually superior start to force their opinions down the throats of others by using force (such as America did to Iraq regarding the use and possession of nuclear weaponry) or brainwashing the weak and young (such as the bible and other methods in religion).

  1. The most disturbing thing in the picture is those random long blond hairs on the back of the bull. They are mind-bottling.

    1. Mind-bottling? WTF, Did your brain dieded?

      Also, those hairs are from the end of the tail mid whip. Sorry if a bull having a tail “bottled” your mind.

    2. Its actually “mind boggling”. but if you’re using “mind bottling” then you have nothing to worry about because “mind boggling means to be intellectually overwhelming. Intellect would tell you “bottling” isnt that second word in the phrase… in just fuckin wit up dude. I voted your SN for governor on Tuesday. lol

  2. I bet at that moment he’d rather the bull mount and nail him, than to have half a horn tear through his pants and up his clench ass all rape like.

  3. There is a some releif to the cringe I feel looking at this pic. You can see on the right horn some kind of stopper over the tip.

    1. So the stopper can stimulate his prostate and bring him to orgasim? The guy is getting a horn jammed up his ass! It is ALL cringe!

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