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  1. Did she have her Granny with Parkinson’s do this? also looks like she ran out of money before it could get filled in. Too much fails to get into.

  2. she probably got talked into a free tattoo, by an underskilled (at best) tattoo ‘artist’ who just wanted to cop a feel of those gigantic cans, looks like he shot his first load doing the ‘i’ in five hahaha

  3. Wow… some bitches will do anything… 5 star chick haha should say 5 ton hoe… and gakin a pic… like someone wants to see that shit… I know I don’t… looks like the tattoo guy drew it one with eyelinner… MIND FAIL

    1. can i just tell u that…it looks like my old RA tarded cat, took a dump on ur chest and scratched the letters in..5 stars…. 5 starts for biggest idiot to get a tattoo…what the fuck were u thinkin? i probably have some HORRIBLE disease…well on top of the ones u already have….from those needles….siiiiiiiccckkkkkk….go to the doctor before u cough blood.

    2. Lmfao.. oohh shit sideways thats funny.. you bested me on this one easy… still lmao *****

  4. the fail is how fucked up the tattoe is,look at that shit the lines of the letters r fucking squiglly and shit.and the tattoe is the fail too

  5. if she was 5 star chick before she’s not anymore that tat bumped her down 10 stars , so now she’s a -5 five star chick… i love math

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