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  1. What the fuck was she trying to impress. Seemed like all she was doing was getting it wrong to someone or something. Was she being judged I laughed pretty hard though the way she got frustrated with herself.

  2. this is wonderful…. just wonderful…. my dad and i had a great laugh at the maniac child…. i’ll admit though…. it was kind of scary

    1. Tourettes? She’s getting mad because she can’t hit the right notes, not that it matters because she can’t sing to save her life.

  3. Who know we might be looking @ the next “Barbra” or Liza Minnelli. Some voice lessons..try try try again..

    1. lol i agree! It’s parents should be slapped!!! >.<

  4. Too bad this isn’t the original, this was one of those people who originally did the Myspace American Idol tryout thing they had a few years ago. Someone just took the video and autotuned it, so really it is an autotune WIN

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