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  1. well it is like the beginning of a bad joke.

    “a fat girl, a gay vampire and a baby walk into a bar…”

    P.S: vampires can not have babies you failing woman.

  2. I know Robert Pattinson is kind of cute but c’mon. He would not approve of this, nor would stephanie meyer. Oh no! This book was suppossed to inspire millions of girls to go after their own loves no matter the obstacle but instead it turned millions of girls everywhere into creepy obsessed stalkers!!!

    1. Spelling FAIL!
      bye – buy;
      McDonnalds = McDonalds;
      “make some fucking sport” = participate or engage in a sport, or exercise

  3. Daammn truta! Whats da heck is goin’g on man broz? Edwardo Cullen is getting that cocota to go uit rim! damn broz!

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