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  1. At what fucking point did they think that was a good idea? How did any of them get to that age being such retards is beyond my understanding.

    1. They’re americans. I don’t know why but I ‘ve never seen people of other nationalities do things as stupid as SOME (I said some) Americans are capable of doing.

    2. no somebody, there are fucking retards like this everywhere. Just check out youtube. Most retards that post to youtube are Americans. Most other retards from around the world do not post their stupid exploits to youtube.

  2. Wow! They didn’t even think at least one step ahead and have the shower on, a towel to throw on it, or anything. I’m not sure what they actually thought would happen. It’s actually funny to watch him try to stick his head in the toilet though.

    1. Actually, they tried that and as you can see, they changed their minds. What the should’ve done is blast it with piss.

  3. Just wow. Seriously? Where were their parents? Someone should have been left home to make sure they kept their helmets on, they never would have been able to do this if they’d been wearing their helmets. Tards…

  4. how is the a head on fire fail. his head was on fire that is the only part of this that was not a fail. use of brains fail for sure.

  5. Damn it came so close to removing another defective human from the gene pool. at least he lived a rock-star life in about 5 seconds… Idea, Fame, Flames, Toilet, Regret.

  6. He was trying to dress up as Freddy Krueger for Halloween.
    “You’ve got the body and I’ve got the brains.”
    (well 1 out of 2 ain’t bad)

  7. Who is this stupid? Without being the annoying “I’m not American” guy, why does it seem to always be American people I see doing shit like this. They aren’t dumb, but seem to just go a step too far when they’re around others.
    Am I wrong?

  8. This is the kind of dumb shit that happens when you put too many white boys in the same room. Im a pyro maniac but im not stupid enough to light myself or another person on fire, or not have a bucket of water or hose nearby for safety

    1. alright motherfucker stop shitting on americans…everyone in this video is complete waste of oxygen, yes. but not every american is like that. there are idiots all over the world.

  9. His life flashed before his eyes…Now he can go around school and show it off to make himself look even more retarded. If he’s still IN school.

  10. why would they do that I’m just happy the fire did not give them brain damege oh wait they must of all ready had brain damege for that idea.

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