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    1. that just means you have nothing better to do then to constantly check failblog to not feel as bad as you yourself being a loser. trust me, i have done it too, i am not cool or successful in any way shape or form

    2. @ all of you FAGS who think it’s cool to be “FIRST!”…you’re NOT cool, I sympathize with your parents because they probably raised you right and YOU FAILED all on your own. Slimjeezy is right, and you all should hang yourselves for being such huge cum dumpsters.

    1. AGREED with poopr….Sooo funny the president who has accomplished the most compared to any other prez…uneducated people always have bad things to say…

    1. @sarahpoliticaljunkie – I would bet I have more degrees than you. Incidentally, the number of irrelevant. John is correct. Obama is a failure. Review his tax & spend policies and see what this disaster of a president has done to this country. (Not for this forum.)

      @MoKitty – Lol!

  1. CAN WE WIN?



    Nah, we just sit on our lazy fat American asses and blame it on you negroes again.

    *Epic Obama facepalm*

  2. Fuck Obama. He’s a manipulative, dishonest, prejudice piece of shit, and anyone who stands up for him doesn’t know the truth about that power-hungry satanist.

    1. Hahaha and the funny thing is, he’s your half bro man! You know yer Mama was with black auto!

  3. All those people here who think that obama sucks, get some education! Even here in Europe we can see that he has done more good things than Bush ever has. And Donald Trumph for president? Ow please, he’ll make a real mess out of america, like it’s not bad enough as it is already!

  4. I don’t care about politics.

    I just think the guy dressed as Obama is a master of Disguise.

    Teach me how to do that!

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