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    1. actually, the biggest percentage of inbreds is found in america, thats why u have so many handicaps. and also u where second so thats a double fail for u.

    2. most inbreeding is in small village societies. so in places were they just kill retards (so obviously not were your from) because they are not productive are the places with the highest inbreeding.

    1. There is none. That is the perfect base jumping spot. Where are their chutes? what a waste of a climb… 😉

    2. A base jump i feel would somehow turn into a Fail. jump off, open chute only to have a bitchass gust of wind nudge you against the structure and having a lower beam snag your chute. yeah hilarious but a giant FAIL

  1. Captain Super-Nerves Stands proudly against the skyline… his red shirt billowing in the wind! Villains beware his unflinching disregard for personal well-being!

    1. Ye I know there was know wind I was trying to portray a sense of heroism lol if there was wind he’d certainly wouldn’t be standing up lol

  2. That’s a really cool place, but as for the “stunt,” the video of the guys climbing the radio tower for their job is much more impressive. I think the tower is over 1,000 feet high, and they free climb to the top after taking an elevator most of the way up.

  3. Waw,that’s something..i got scared just watching the video…scared that he might fall.. i dont think id be able to do something like that..

  4. I can’t imagine what kind of memorial video it would have been if he did fall. At this height, he’d have made his next jump six feet under 😛

  5. Having worked high structures construction that is nothing for the steel workers of America we do that sort of thing all day long and get paid to do so

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